We have put together a checklist of items to assist you when preparing your personal tax information. Please review it carefully before bringing your information to us. 

Tax planning guide

Personal tax checklist

If you have self-employment income, please use the tables provided to summarize your income and expenses. Remember you may set up your own expense categories as you wish as a supplement to the categories on the forms.

Business income & Expenses

Home office expenses

Motor vehicle expenses

To claim employment expenses, you will require form T2200 signed by your employer. (This is most common for commissioned sales employees.) This form confirms that you were required to travel, purchase supplies, hire an assistant, operate a home office etc. Use these forms to record employment expenses. Please also note if you received any taxed or non-taxed reimbursements for expenses.

Other employment expenses

Motor vehicle expenses

If you have rental income and expenses, please use the follow table. If you have more than one rental property, use a separate table for each. If you have more than five properties a statement combining all properties would be helpful. (But each should still be summarized separately each year. (Remember also to keep your original purchase documents to carry over the tax cost of each property).

Retail income & expenses